Camp Quickie

12/18/20233 min read

Taking a break from fishing to dust of the spear fishing gear, but first testing out the new pulley system connected to the anchor, saves us swimming out to the boat.

Rekindling Connection: A Mum's Perspective on the Power of a 'Camp Quickie'"

In the whirlwind of daily responsibilities, from full time work, school runs to meal prep and bedtime routines, it's easy for the flame of passion and connection to flicker in a relationship. As a devoted partner and mum, I recently embarked on a transformative journey – a "camp quickie" getaway with my partner. Two nights away, just the two of us, sans kids. What unfolded during this brief escape was not just a romantic rendezvous, but a reinvigoration of our relationship, a revival of communication, and a renewed perspective on our individual and shared goals.

Full disclosure it was a good excuse to take the new ‘mean time’ boat for a run on Baffle Creek. As we know boat building runs strong in this family and owning a boat longer than 12 months is a long time, always have the next one in planning. We love staying at Midskinrick Lodge, lots of room, boat ramp, toilets and hot showers! For us it is only a 50 minute drive and has close access to great pub meals at Rosedale Pub.

Breaking Free from Routine:

The mere act of escaping our routine felt liberating. No morning alarms (even though we had to wake early for the right tides), no rush to get the kids ready for school – just the serenity of nature and the company of my partner. The sense of freedom was palpable, and it allowed us to shed the roles of 'mum' and 'dad' momentarily, rediscovering the individuals we were before parenthood.

Rediscovering Each Other:

As parents, it's easy to become so engrossed in our children's lives that we forget to nurture our relationship. The camp quickie provided the perfect opportunity to rediscover the person I fell in love with. Conversations flowed effortlessly, laughter echoed through the camp site and on the water, and we found ourselves reconnecting on a level that often gets buried in the hustle and bustle of daily life

Uninterrupted Conversations:

In the uninterrupted space of our campsite, we could discuss more than just logistics. We delved into our dreams, plans for our house upgrades, and wants without the constant interruptions of "mummy, daddy" in the background. Often when camping we can both get hypnotised looking into the camp fire, yet this time around our region was on a complete fireban which worked in our favour as we took this time to talk about anything and everything. It was amazing how this short break fostered a deeper understanding of each other's perspectives, we often get caught up with being so tired from work and who has done what that day, so it was nice to have the space to listen to each other effectively.

Recharging Our Batteries:

Whilst our trusty Brass Monkey fridge battery died on us (enter the pub meal for dinner), our 'camp quickie' served as a much-needed recharge for both of us. Stepping away from the daily grind allowed us to return with a newfound energy and enthusiasm for tackling life's challenges. Add in a little friendly fishing competition and everyone was fully charged.


The 'camp quickie' was not just a getaway; it was a transformative experience that reignited the spark in our relationship. As a partner and mum, I learned the importance of carving out time for 'us' amidst the chaos of family life. We are so thankful for having the grandparents on hand to be able to let these weekends happen. The freedom, communication, and healthier outlook on our goals that resulted from this short escape have left an indelible mark on our journey together, plus gave us some extra time to plan our next trip away ;) So, to all the couples out there, don't underestimate the power of a little adventure – it might be just what your relationship needs.